I am embarking on a new adventure in marketing this month, as my husband and I have just finished the first draft of our new murder mystery, The Sleep of Souls.

This has been a five-year long labor of love for us. We started writing it when we first met and took a “short” four year break to: get married, buy a house, finish a master’s degree and have a baby (who is now two). A couple of months ago we jumped in feet first and got back to writing. All of our efforts culminated last night, when we finished the final chapter and put those sweet, sweet words on the page “The End.”

In a way, I am happy that it took us this long to finish writing it because we now know a whole lot that we didn’t know then. Namely, how to market something like this in the digital world! Our book focuses on the burgeoning technology we see us heading towards in the near future and what perils may arise. Our lead character is based on my father, who is essentially a more mature version of “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski (I’m not kidding!). It was a true pleasure to write and we hope people will enjoy reading it.

However, to get to that point we need to find a publisher, and more importantly an agent. So, we find ourselves in new and somewhat scary territory. I have been diligently reading publisher, agent and book marketing group blogs and have found that it is best to marketing yourself online, long before you get picked up by an agent. So here is what we have implimented up to this point:

We are very excited about diving into this new endeavor and plan to share with your our progress along the way. If you have any tips, contacts or opinions to share we’d love to hear them. Thanks!

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