Well I, like most other women on the web, have discovered Pinterest and fallen deeply and madly in love. You may have noticed that I have a pinterest feed on the right panel of my blog now and it’s inspired me to get crafting, making, doing again. Today’s project was inspired by this Do It Yourself Goal List post from Cornflower Blue Studio.

In my house it seems like a very large undertaking, every two weeks, when we have to plan the grocery shopping list and subsequent meals for the coming weeks. My husband and I sit down with a few pieces of note paper and attempt to hammer out a meal list that is easy, cheap and, most importantly, not boring. When I saw the Goal List on Pinterest my creativty was sparked and I thought of a perfect way to make this chore much more easy and fun!

I picked up a pack of colored post it notes and used a few of my daughter’s coloring supplies to create the following:

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